Bongs & Such (16th Ave)

Bongs & Such (16th Ave)

1228 16th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2M 0K9
Phone: 403-289-5251
  • Head/Smoke Shop
  • Mail Order
Smoking accessories, bongs, pipes, vaporizors, giftware, hemp products, incense.
Current Score: 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 3 ratings.
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Created by admin on 2010-11-25 23:34:45
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Review by Dryed at 2014-05-12 13:40:46
I often have visited the store on 16 th ave . On my last visit I left the store extremely offended , I was asking for a glass pipe that was accessible to recover my resin . The Australian clerk said to me " these pipes are for tobacco use only if you keep talking like that I will have to ask you to leave the store "
I was like WTF ? The thousands of references of smoking weed all over his store and he feels like he needs to tell that to a loyal customer? I'll never even buy a screen from that dick again !
Review by skullman420 at 2014-02-12 12:14:03
I was in here recently and loved it! Awesome friendly staff and a huge selection of pipes! Plus they even do a student discount for uni and SAIT students!!! Picked myself up a percolated Hoss bong and they even threw in some Hoss stickers for me! And to the other reviewer, maybe if you had opened your eyes you would have seen multiple "final sales on all items" on almost all of their stands and cabinets, and right in the middle of the counter when you pay. If you dont want to read the signs or even bother asking if you can return something, dont blame it on those awesome staff :D
Review by frosty at 2013-09-19 20:14:49
FYI went to Green Thumbs and was given acurate, honest info! They were very informative and truth about the refund policies! Much thanks goes out to them!
Review by frosty at 2013-09-19 20:10:52
these people are only interested in money, not giving customers true info! They do not stand by the products they sell! And lie to your face about refund policies!
Review by Mich at 2011-05-27 18:41:02
I have had the recent experience of having been more than blessed by Nick at Bongs & Such (16th. Ave. NE). I am a semi-ambulatory woman who happens to live only 5 or so blocks from this location, but there are no cut-outs on the sidewalks for someone to safely cross 16th. ave. in a wheelchair. Nick so kindly not only gave me a 20% discount for being a medically licensed user but he had my small order delivered at no charge! Good Samaritans in 2011, a proprietor who cares more for the parient than making a buck??? Unheard of! You have my undying gratitude Nick & Bongs & Such! BIG hugs to all of you there!
Michele Tessier
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