User Profile: skullman420

User Profile: skullman420

Name: J
Location: Canada
Created: 2014-01-22 10:14:10
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Review of Bongs & Such (18th Ave) at 2014-02-12 12:16:49
Loved the 16th Av Location i went to check out their original shop. This location has been here for over a decade apparently (the guy seemed to know a lot about the history) Its a lot smaller than the 16th av location but they still manage to pack in as much glassware as possible. Once again i saw No Refund Policy signs on the doors cabinets and counters, so i dont know what people are going on about. The guy seemed extremely knowledgeable and even though there was a rush of customers while i was in there, he still managed to make sure periodically if i had any questions. Just found my new favourite store :)
Review of Bongs & Such (16th Ave) at 2014-02-12 12:14:03
I was in here recently and loved it! Awesome friendly staff and a huge selection of pipes! Plus they even do a student discount for uni and SAIT students!!! Picked myself up a percolated Hoss bong and they even threw in some Hoss stickers for me! And to the other reviewer, maybe if you had opened your eyes you would have seen multiple "final sales on all items" on almost all of their stands and cabinets, and right in the middle of the counter when you pay. If you dont want to read the signs or even bother asking if you can return something, dont blame it on those awesome staff :D

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